Quick View PISTACHIOS  (Gol Pista)-PISTACHIOS - Wonderful Pistachios, Roasted & Salted,  Resealable Bag-1kg
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  • PKR-1600 (500 Gram), PKR-3200 (1000 Gram)
Rs. 1,600Rs. 1,750
Quick View PISTACHIOS (Ahmed Aghaei Pista)-Wonderful Pistachios, Roasted & Salted,  Resealable Bag
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PISTACHIOS (Ahmed Aghaei Pista)-Wonderful ...

This shape of pistachios is called as AHMAD A...

  • PKR-1700 (500Gram), PKR-3400 (1000 Gram)
Rs. 1,700Rs. 1,800
Quick View PISTACHIOS (Akbari Pista) PISTACHIOS -Wonderful Pistachios, Roasted & Salted,  Resealable Bag-1kg
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Akbari Pista One of the most Traditional Pist...

  • PKR-11700 (500 Gram), PKR-3400(1000 Gram)
  • Premium Quality Akbari Pistachios
  • Rich in Nutrients and Antioxidants
  • Versatile Snacking and Culinary Delight
Rs. 1,700Rs. 1,750
Quick View Pistachios Shelled (Pista Maghz)-Wonderful Pistachios, Green Pistachio Kernels Nuts Pista Magaz - 500gm-Resealable Bag
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Pistachios Shelled (Pista Maghz)-Wonderful...

Supper Kernel have a special green color and...

  • PKR-3100(500 Gram), PKR-6200(1000 Gram)
  • Creamy and Nutty Delight
  • Creamy and Nutty Delight:
  • Nutrient-Packed Goodness
Rs. 3,100Rs. 3,300